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Solar Power System | Helical Outpost

Solar Energy & Power System

The Outpost solar array consists of eighteen 300 watt industrial grade panelsThe Helical Outpost™ comes equipped with a pre-configured solar power generation and storage system. The Helical Outpost™ also comes with a pre-integrated plug and play electrical panel that eliminates the need for an electrician during installation.

The Helical Outpost’s™ commercial grade solar power panels and power generator produce more than 10 kW’s of electricity per hour and can store up to 50 kW hours that turns the Helical Outpost™ into a power station that can provide communities a stable back-up electric power grid in addition to powering the Outpost’s farm, water and communications systems. The Outpost comes fully equipped


The solar power system is designed to integrate with existing power grids and external generators to allow redundancy that maintains the integrity of power in unforeseen and unexpected circumstances.The Outpost includes a container Hub that houses a 5.4kw collapsible solar rack, solar batteries, and electrical inverters and battery charging equipment