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Education | Helical Outposts



The Helical Outpost® is a specialized educational tool that uniquely integrates Science, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Agriculture and Mathematics. The Outpost® is a hands-on learning experience  that integrates core subjects and life skills.


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The Outpost® is a scientific learning playground for students from elementary schools, to high schools, to colleges and universities.

The Outpost® can help elementary school students learn basic biology by teaching them how plants grow, while simultaneously teaching high school or college students advanced physics, through its solar powered panels.


The Outpost’s® electrical capabilities including its battery charging equipment, inverters, automation, and quick connect features create a perfect technology curriculum for all ages. From learning about basic engineering, to understanding how the Outpost® recycles energy, makes it a state-of-the-art technology education hub.



One of the most important characteristics of the Outpost® is its business model that generates real revenue through its crop yields.

The business model creates the necessity to learn and understand how to create a demand for fresh produce, sell the product, market the brand, build a team, manage budgets among many others.



The state-of-the-art Outpost® provides a new spin on an American tradition. By getting the Outpost® into the hands of kids at young ages in schools and communities, we can share the circle of life experience, from growing crops to serving them on their plate at dinner time.

The Outpost® also provides a hands-on agricultural learning experience with the opportunity to take control of our own food security as our farming population continues to age.



Life is math in motion.  The Outpost® is living proof.  It combines balancing pH scales, predicting crop yields, and carefully measuring nutrients with balancing budgets, price points for produce and forecasting profits. The Outpost® is math in a box.


The versatility of the Outpost® opens the door to a range of opportunities. For example, a local restaurants in an urban area that want to grow their own produce, or a towns interested in providing students a hands-on learning experience in the core curriculum of STEM, a foreign government interested in state-of-the-art agricultural technology to help their citizen, or rural areas that lack local food options.

These are just a few examples of how the Outpost® can be used in your community.  The Outpost® has the potential to create a farmers market in a local community while simultaneously stabilizing a remote region of a war torn conflict zone in desperate need of basic resources thousands of miles across the globe.