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Dylan Ratigan GFIA Business Insider Op Ed | Helical Outposts

Dylan Ratigan GFIA Business Insider Op Ed

With Prince Charles addressing the opening ceremony and over 250 presentations representing most of the nations of the West, the Middle East and Africa, Dylan Ratigan was attending the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture (GFIA) where a simple taxi ride becomes a condemnation of America’s lack of leadership in the sustainable food industry.abu-dabi-street


Dylan mentions that attending GFIA made it clear that all the technology and resources are in place to collapse water consumption by 90% and multiply food production by a factor of three can be accomplished while returning the land to a chemically decontaminated condition.

The Helical Outpost™ is his vision to initiate this effort. Helical Outpost™ is a sustainable hydroponic farming system that’s easily deployable and could potentially employ millions of people, including retired combat veterans, with meaningful work and a steady source of locally grown, healthy food.